What do you believe that is keeping you from enjoying your life?

I am not talking about something you have concluded from your own experience. I mean a belief you accepted from someone else without thinking about it.

It might be something you heard when you were small. I was told I was clumsy by loving parents, and I believed it until one day someone I respected asked me “who told you that you were clumsy?”

The truth is that I never learned some physical skills because I was expected to “act like a lady” so most physical activity was discouraged. When I did try things, of course I looked clumsy, and they commented on it.

When I did get to a school where gym class was required, I was always picked last for team sports. That reinforced the belief that I was indeed clumsy.

It took me many years to learn to overcome that old belief and still more to become skilled in some physical activities. I loved aerobic step classes when I was in my 40s.

Now, when I discover an old, unexamined belief that holds me back from enjoying something, I try using the “magic sentences” I teach in “Letting It Go,” and often, the conviction I once held simply vanishes. When I explore the new activity with someone who is willing to teach me about it, I often enjoy it.

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