A reviewer of Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance posted this on Amazon

“It was easy to read and understand and helped me release money blocks I never knew I had.

Money blocks I found and resolved:
– Earning more means killing yourself & sacrificing everything else, including love
– It’s impossible to have everything you want
– I don’t deserve what I want”

These are blocks that might keep someone from taking the risk of seeking or accepting a higher paying job. These blocks might also belong to a workaholic who sacrifices everything to provide for others.

It’s hard to tell without more information. But what both positions have in common is keeping the writer from experiencing and enjoying all life has to offer.

When you keep on behaving in a way that seems right to you and step back and examine it, you may discover it’s not really true. That is a block.

It might have been true for whomever explained the world to you before you were independent enough to reach your own conclusions. Or you may have figured it out for yourself based on incorrect evidence when you were trying to make sense of the world.

In any case the belief keeps you from embracing the prosperity that could be yours. When you follow the roadmap in this book, you can identify and release whatever blocks are holding you back from your own dreams. Get started today!

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