Some people love change. I’m not one of them. Once I find a dish at a restaurant that I like, I tend to feel disappointed when it’s not on the menu the next time I try to order it. I feel frustrated when the grocery store reorganizes the space and disrupts my familiar shopping patterns.

Yes, I adapt. Most of the time it takes just a few deep breaths and I move on. Sometimes I need to commiserate with a friend before I let go of these small expectations. But bigger changes can be far more challenging.

What about you? Do sudden changes in plans throw you off balance? If you keep thinking about your disappointment or feeling angry at the forces responsible for the changes, here is a way to help regain your equilibrium.

First realize that you had a belief that the original plan would happen. Then say aloud the sentence, “I retrieve all my energy bound up in the belief that this (event) would happen, and I take my energy to the right place in myself.” Notice how your body and thoughts respond to this sentence. Follow this sentence with the other two found in this book.

I was amazed how differently I felt the first time I tried this. I hope you will be also.

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