Yesterday, when I paid the young woman who had just painted my toenails, the price was $15. It had been $10 when I was there just weeks before. When I commented, she said that the price of everything is going up.

Yes, I see that happening. I even sort of understand why.

When we were quarantined, we couldn’t spend money on the things we usually buy and now want to buy again. But the pandemic kept people from working and producing the parts necessary for many objects we want, and so fewer things were produced, so lots of stuff we like is scarce.

When you are competing with others who want the same stuff the person willing to pay more for it, gets it. So, prices are going up.

Maybe it is finally time to stop measuring abundance by the things we can buy. What makes you feel like you have abundance—more than enough?

For me it is meaningful contact with people. Zoom is a great substitute, but hugs are better. For you it might be a special kind of food, or the ability to sleep as late as you want to or being around growing things.

Isn’t it time to reorganize your energy to get that instead of focusing on what is in short supply?

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