Our pergola needs major repairs. One end of the open lattice over our patio is collapsing because the beautiful vine that covers it has become so overwhelmingly heavy that it has broken the structure. I wish I could show you a picture. Parts of the vine look like tree trunks.

The contractor and the arborist will meet to discuss what to do next week, and I know it will cost a LOT of money to make the necessary repairs. Yet now that we have found highly recommended professionals to do those repairs, I am calm.

I am so grateful that we spent the time and energy to take care of our financial life years ago. Most years we were able to fully fund our retirement accounts and found highly competent advisors to help us manage those accounts. Now we have plenty of money to cover unexpected expenses without upsetting our comfortable lifestyle.

We didn’t really pay attention to our financial future until we were approaching our 40s. I am thankful that our grandchildren, in their late teens and early 20s, are already thinking about these issues. It is never too late to embrace prosperity, but the earlier you start, the easier and more fun it will be.

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