My own money gremlins caught up with me yesterday. It took me a full page of journal writing to figure out what was going on and several hours more to come to what to do about it.

I started to order a $90 item from a catalogue and spent some time looking at ways to bring my order to $100 so I would meet the minimum for free shipping. When I learned that the free shipping offer had been cancelled, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the extra $15 shipping fee and cancelled my order.

This is especially strange because I really want the item which was something of a splurge for me. I can easily afford it and will never notice spending the extra $15.

What I learned is that I had activated an old belief which was once an important protection for my family. The belief is basically that “you can only be extravagant if you get something at a bargain price.” It made sense when my family had very little extra money and I frequently heard “money doesn’t grow on trees” from my parents. My parents died over 30 years ago!

I used the 3 sentences we teach in the book to release the old, outdated belief which was interfering with my experience of prosperity. After all the personal work I have done, it startles me when something like this turns up, but it does!

It happens to everyone! Get the book and free yourself now!

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