Did you try letting go of material things? I did — and saying the sentences helped a lot.
I knew I had lots of energy stuck in an overcrowded closet! I avoided thinking about it, but when I did, I felt overwhelmed and anxious.
My daughter agreed to help me weed out things that were not being used. Most of them were perfectly good and fit just fine, but I was choosing different things to wear on a regular basis.
She was logical. I was conflicted. Each time we put something into the discard pile, I felt sad and remembered its history and I wanted to retrieve it — after all, I still liked it.
She left me with a pile of clothes nearly 3 feet tall with instructions to put the discards into large bags and donate them to charity.
Finally, I took my own advice and used the sentences with the trigger, “these clothes and all they represent.” I felt immediate relief.
Later, a friend promised to deliver them to a place where they would be immediately made available to people who could use them. I was relieved and happy as she drove away with the full bags.
How about you? Will using this process help you release material things you no longer need? Try it and let me know.
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