Do you talk to anyone about money? Maybe it’s your parents. Mine told me, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Perhaps it’s a colleague, “How much more do they expect us to cut back?” or your spouse, “How much did you say you spent on THAT?”

Or perhaps you avoid the subject entirely and keep hoping everything will be fine or feeling scared that disaster is just around the corner.

How do the beliefs these statements and thoughts represent help you create a happy and satisfying life? For most people the answer is “not very much.”

Do you suspect that you could do a much better job addressing your financial life, if only… The “if only” is different for different people. It’s often related to needing more time or having information you can trust.

In any case, your energy is blocked, and you are not doing what you are pretty sure would improve your life. It isn’t as hard as you think to reclaim that blocked energy and start using it for improving your situation.

The excerpt from Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance that I have included with this article contains one of the many “Practicing Abundance” activities included in the book to help you get started reclaiming your energy. Get the excerpt and start right away.

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