Claudia wanted to know if she would be able to retire. She and her husband talked to a financial advisor who asked them to list how much money they had saved. She tried to make a list of their financial assets, but her husband kept finding excuses to avoid giving her the information that only he knew.

Do you ever wonder why it’s hard to talk about money?

I learned that I shouldn’t ask money questions many years ago when my mother kept changing the subject when I wanted to know why we couldn’t afford something. I had to freeze that curious part of myself to not get into trouble in my family.

I’ll bet something similar happened to you. In one way or another you learned to avoid talking about money.

So now, unless you have learned differently, you may find it hard to talk to anyone about money matters, whether they are trivial or very, very important.

If you want to create and enjoy prosperity, it is important to have those conversations. You need to release your own blocked and frozen energy to get information and make useful financial decisions.

You’ll find the information you need about how to use Logosynthesis to release your blocks to having those conversations in Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance.

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