Where do you get most of your money?

How would you feel about answering that question in a group of strangers whom you would like to get to know better? Suppose that group was meeting to learn how to be mutually supportive?

Could you simply answer, “from my salary as a….?”  Perhaps you would answer, “from the fees I charge my clients” or “my spouse supports our family financially.” Would you be comfortable sharing that information with strangers who were also sharing, or would you feel embarrassed?

I attended such a meeting and, while most people talked about working for their money, my answer was that mine comes from my retirement investments in my IRA. The US government requires that I withdraw a certain amount each year, whether I need it or not.

I spent many years working for my money like most of the people in the meeting, and I was lucky enough to follow the advice I received about saving for retirement when I was barely starting my career.

If you have been given similar advice, but haven’t followed it yet, why not? If you have a reasonably good source of income but can’t get around to saving money, it may be because self-limiting beliefs are keeping you from experiencing abundance.

Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance helps you resolve those beliefs. A suggestion about a new and streamlined way to use affirmation is included in the excerpt you will find at this link. Better yet, order your copy today at your favorite bookseller.

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