Who is your Self anyway? I like to think of my Self as core part of me that is a part of and somewhat separated from Essence or All That Is or Universal Energy or Oneness.
Pretty confusing to talk about. One way I think of the part of and separate from is likening it to my fingers and my hand. My fingers are distinct and yet they are an integral part of my hand.
A spiritual practice I learned over 30 years ago is writing a daily journal to my Self to learn to connect with and use my inner wisdom.
I address my Self as Friend and start each entry ‘Dear Friend…’ I write of things that I am trying to understand or make decisions about. I sign each letter, “Love, Laurie.”
Then I pause, wait and write a brief response using the following form. ‘Dear friend…’ and sign the letter ‘your Friend.’
I have no idea this practice would be as valuable to you as it has been to me, but I invite you to try it.
I know that over the years, listening and doing things that are congruent with my Self, rather than letting ego steer my decisions, has definitely helped me stay aware of my own connection to Essence.
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