Do you see yourself as a perfectionist, a people-pleaser, a procrastinator, a micromanager, or someone who always needs to be busy? Would others say you show those traits?

A recent article describes “5 Work Personality Traits That Are Actually Forms of Anxiety.”

So, if any of those characteristics are making your work life harder than it needs to be, using the 3 sentences the way I demonstrate in Letting It Go could help a lot.

The first thing to do is to change the way you describe yourself. Each of these traits describes something you do instead of something you are.

Instead of being a perfectionist, you are a person who strives to do things perfectly. Instead of labeling yourself a procrastinator, you are a person who puts off doing certain things, etc.

Then, ask yourself, what do you imagine will happen if you make a mistake with a task you are struggling with of if you actually did a task you are putting off. That will give you a hint about what you are anxious about.

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