Have you ever wondered why you suddenly start to think about an experience from long ago for no particular reason?

It may be your brain trying to remind you of something it would be useful to pay attention to in your current life.

One of my clients started to think about an incident from her childhood when she was surprised because her mother could not afford to buy her something she wanted. It wasn’t an especially painful memory, but we were puzzled about why it suddenly surfaced.

We used the three Logosynthesis sentences to explore the energy that was frozen in the memory. When she retrieved her energy from the memory, she realized that it would be very useful if she took care of some banking business she had forgotten about.

We can’t predict exactly what will happen when you use this process. Often you simply release something and feel relieved and relaxed. Sometimes you have physical reactions like yawning or quivering or even crying. Sometimes you don’t experience anything at the time but notice something later. Sometimes other information about other frozen energy comes into your awareness.

No matter what happens, it won’t hurt you. And the reviews of “Letting It Go” show that many people who try it experience great benefit. Get your copy and start exploring now.

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