I hate to let go of things that remind me of happy memories. When I collect earrings, that’s not a problem, but this week I was forced to confront the literal overflow of another collection. Two big boxes of that collection jumped off a shelf and scattered their contents around my office while I was in another room.

Before Covid, one of my favorite activities was attending conferences where I could learn and/or teach the latest information about professional topics and hang out with my friends and colleagues from around the region, the country, and the world.

At most conferences I was presented with some type of useful bag to carry my conference program and paraphernalia. Each bag marked with the title, date and city became a marvelous, (useful??) souvenir!

And I had too many bags to stuff back into those boxes! It made logical sense, but not emotional sense to sort them and let at least some of them go.

Thank heavens for the Logosynthesis process I share in “Letting It Go.” As my housekeeper rejoiced that she could share the excess with her friends, I wanted to snatch them back. I used the three sentences, relaxed, and forgot about my “loss.”

If you have extra stuff you want to release, try my method. It works!

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