You know the drill! Something doesn’t work the way it should. You call. The wait is only 5 minutes. You can handle that. You hear music you hate. You get to the telephone tree, tell the machine your issue and finally reach a tech. The tech asks for your id information, speaking rapidly with an accent you can barely understand. You answer. The tech asks, “How are you today?” and says your name.

When I answer honestly, “I’m frustrated by this problem, that’s why I called, I am invited to explain my problem. The tech suggests I do several things I have already tried that didn’t work. I do them again and they don’t work again. I’m told to stay on the line I will be transferred to someone who knows more. I repeat the entire process with another tech whom I have even more trouble understanding.

By the time the call ends, whether the problem is solved or not, I may feel more frustrated and my energy is almost always depleted. If that’s true for you too, try this.

Once I get off the phone, I take a few minutes to reclaim my energy from the mess. I say the 3 sentences in the basic process I teach you to use in this book. I start with “I retrieve my energy bound up in this tech support call and take it to the right place in myself.” In a few minutes, I feel much better. You will too.

The process works in most other frustrating situations as well and the book, Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®) has everything you need to start using the process right away.

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