How do you manage to release cherished possessions that you are ambivalent about letting go?

I have lived in the same home for over 50 years and have things I no longer need or use tucked away in closets and drawers. Until recently, those things included a doll and many doll clothes I made when I was about 10 years old.

I have two children with young adult children of their own. None of my children or grandchildren had any interest in this doll. When a friend told me about how much his granddaughters loved dolls, I decided to give it to them.

That decision made good logical sense, but emotionally, I was torn. I decided to preserve my memory through photographs, but still had trouble. Finally, I used the 3 Logosynthesis sentences and learned why it was so difficult.

I discovered that the doll clothes represented evidence of my creativity as a child. Another set of sentences allowed me to release the belief that I needed tangible evidence of my creativity and I was then able to let the doll and the clothes go to a new home.

Use the sentences yourself with possessions you are ambivalent about releasing. It will make it much easier to move on. Get your instructions in the “Letting It Go” book.

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