I keep over-hearing how stressed people are. Whenever I
am in a public place wisps of drifting conversation
reflect anxiety and distress even several weeks after
the post-election shock. It’s even threatening the joy
of the holiday season—which brings its own stresses.

I hope you are doing okay. Using Logosynthesis has
helped me through many of the challenges of this year.
One of the targets I have used for the Logosynthesis
sentences is “this belief about how (various things)
are supposed to be.” The world is not the way it is
supposed to be, it is the way it is! The sooner I move
into that awareness, the easier it is for me to enjoy
what is in front of me.

Keep reading to find out a surprising new way to check
out my Logosynthesis book. Letting It Go.

In September, my birthday month, I was challenged to
prepare a gift for you to celebrate my 77th birthday.
Yes, I really am that old. The number does not make
sense to me. I feel great, I am active (if a bit slower
than I sometimes think I am “supposed to be” and very
grateful for the gifts I have been given.

I am especially grateful that I have been able help
people find better lives through my books. My challenge
was to provide 7 of those books to you for $7.70. And
it was a challenge! Some of my bestselling books were
not even available in electronic form. Now they are
finally ready and you can get all 7 of them here.
http://www.BooksbyLaurie.com/77 .

Best of all, my new book, Letting It Go: Relieve
Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using
Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®)
included in the mix so you can read it if you don’t
have a copy yet. So is renamed, Emotional Self-Help: I
Don’t Need therapy, but Where Do I Turn for Answers?

as well as the out-of-print What Is the Emperor
Wearing? Truth-Telling in Business Relationships
. All
of the books are in PDF form.

So Happy Laurie’s Birthday to You! Go ahead and
download your copies now. You will never have another
opportunity like this.



PS Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in
Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with
makes a fantastic inexpensive holiday
gift for people you care about. Order several copies
for people you care about—wherever books are sold.