A belief in scarcity is not your fault. When you are small you have very little idea that you could possibly think differently than the people who take care of you. After all, they explain the world to you—usually because they want you to be safe and happy.

As co-authors of this book, Willem and I decided to share our very different personal journeys from experiencing scarcity to experiencing abundance in our lives. We both grew up in loving families who, because of outside circumstances, did not have a lot of money.

Along the way, we followed the instructions we were given—until we didn’t. What we were doing led to the recognition that different beliefs about money existed in the world than the ones we had been taught.

It happened to Willem in a flash of insight and to me more gradually, but it happened because we were each attending to our own personal growth and development.

We wrote this book to help you experience similar awakening experiences. The book is filled with activities to help you examine and release the experiences that keep you stuck in your old beliefs about the world.

You’ll learn how to use Logosynthesis©, to deliberately release those beliefs much more quickly than we could.  Get your copy and start right away!

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