It takes a village, or at least a team, to produce a book and to do lots of other things.

There are some things that I can do myself, but they are easier and work better when I have support. So if you are trying to be strong instead of asking for help in any area, keep reading.

Many months ago, my primary care physician discovered that my EKG was problematic. I have always taken very good care of myself and I was shocked.

I shared the information with my husband and a very few good friends. Months later when the Cardiologist decided I needed to have a scary (to me) procedure, my inclination was to keep it to myself and a few close friends.

I struggled and finally found myself writing and sharing about it in a writing group.

The outpouring of loving support was overwhelming. That gave me courage to share with others and ask for their support.

The experience was amazing. Knowing how love surrounded me helped me move peacefully through the process. It worked! I am better and with far more energy than I have had in a long time. And I am so grateful!

So, when you need help, let your village know. Chances are that they will be there for you too!

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