Are you someone who feels as if you never have enough money—no matter how much money you have in your life?

When you experience that uncomfortable feeling, you tend to constantly focus on how to make more—or to keep from losing what you already have. That focus keeps you from enjoying what you have now. It also keeps you from planning realistically for the future.

I deliberately used the word ‘feel’ here, but the truth is, that type of feeling is not really a feeling at all. It is a belief, and often it is a belief that has very little relationship to reality.

It may be a conclusion you reached about the world when you were a child. Often when children, who haven’t yet developed much reasoning skill, overhear adult conversations, strange things happen. This is especially true when they hear emotional arguments.

When those arguments are about money, they reach conclusions based on very fragmented and often inaccurate information. Those conclusions become the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in scarcity, unable to even recognize the abundance you could enjoy.

We wrote Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance to help you recognize and resolve those limiting beliefs so you can experience the joy and abundance you crave. It is easier than you think. Start now!

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