I recently had the opportunity to explore many wonders of science and technology. I was awed when I was privileged to see a machine that is used for preparing a cancer patients blood for a stem cell transplant.
I certainly have no understanding of the technology that went into creating such a wonder. Yet I know people’s lives have been extended because they trusted this process.
I know that the creation of this machine did not occur spontaneously. It was built in small increments upon previously available technology.
An example of this is the centrifuges that have been available for a very long time. I used them in my first lab assistant career right after I graduated from college over 50 years ago. The principle remains the same but the refinements and technology are amazing.
Logosynthesis was not developed in a vacuum. Although the intuitive awareness of Dr. Willem Lammers brought the process to us, his intuition arose after many years of studying many different ways of supporting individual growth and change. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share this development with all of you.
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