Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to think logically about money? Emotions tend to win out over logic even when you know better. It happens to almost everyone.

Advertisers take advantage of that human condition. And now that the holiday season is almost here, catalogs promising wonderful things are only part of what is drawing our attention. The child in each of us wants to believe all the promises and wants everything. And what is more, we suffer from FOMO, fear of missing out!

I wish I were immune, but I am not! So here are some tips we can use to take care of ourselves, especially before making large purchases.

  1. Instead of immediately buying something that attracts you, wait a while. go for a walk, look at other things, or sleep on it.
  2. Read reviews from other purchasers and not just the ones quoted by the advertiser.
  3. If you can, look up the item in a search engine. (My grandchildren showed me how one high end catalog doubled the price of fancy electronic things.)
  4. Talk to someone you trust about a perspective purchase, or check out “complaints about…”
  5. Use the 3 magic Logosynthesis sentences to take you energy out of “this fantasy about how having xxx will make me feel.”

These tips will help you use the thinking part of yourself instead of just your emotions. You’ll be much happier with your decisions if you use at least some of them.

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