Right now, a gift bottle of wine, 2 tiny bottles of liquor and 4 bags of paprika are on my kitchen table. I also seem to have accumulated 4 extra low-quality headphones as well as a beautiful scarf with the print of a Klimt painting, and so many photos I don’t know how to sort them.

This is my “loot” from a long-awaited river cruise on the Danube with a few extra days in Prague and Budapest.

I saw so many other things I was tempted to bring home and would not be able to use or store. Mostly, what I want is the abundance of memories created by the experiences I enjoyed.

My favorite memory is of the 3 hours I spent with a lovely man I have worked with online for several years who lives in Budapest. Now we know much more about each other than we could possibly share in working emails, and I have a much richer understanding of how our cultures are both alike and different.

What do you bring home and cherish from your travels? (Travels both near and far all count.) What is enough for you? Explore the different ways you can experience abundance with the activities we suggest in “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance.” Start today.

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