I was shocked when I learned that some people don’t bother to look at prices when they shop for groceries. They simply put whatever looks good into the basket and pay without even noticing the cost. I identify more easily with those who count every penny.

The difference, of course, is whether your resources are abundant enough to easily cover your basic expenses or whether you need to spend your life energy focused on meeting your need for food, shelter and other essentials.

I have been at both ends of the spectrum. Newly married, just graduated from college, my husband and I needed to manage our lives on my entry level salary and his tiny graduate school stipend. We counted every penny. I learned to shop carefully and search out the best values for our money.

Now, our resources are abundant and spending an additional dollar or even $10 on a luxury item will not hurt our finances at all. Yet I still use the skills and habits I developed in those early days. I automatically compare unit prices—the cost of each serving, not each package.

I did need to release the energy I had in the old belief that “there’s no extra money.” Using the powerful words we share in Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance, makes releasing any belief easy and painless.

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