Don’t feel ashamed of being stuck in scarcity. In much of the world, you’re surrounded by a culture that repeatedly tells you that you don’t have enough.

Small children happily share anything they have. They must be taught to hoard what they have because there is not enough. They don’t understand that the family needs to use money to replace the possessions they would give away to others.

That’s the beginning. Everything becomes a competition. In grade school, only the group that gets done first gets the reward. Later, grading is on a curve and you’re always wondering where you fit.

You are urged to get more and more stuff, with the promise that it will bring you happiness. Of course, it won’t…

If I let down my own awareness, I am prone to feeling guilty because I am not buying enough stuff to make my contribution to something…I am not sure what.

Becoming aware of the energy fields around you is one step toward reclaiming your own energy and searching for what will bring true joy and satisfaction. Discovering your true life work is another. This becomes your lifetime guideline.

Use Embrace Prosperity to learn how the Logosynthesis processes can help you take these steps and engage in learning how to experience and achieve true abundance for yourself.

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