I just spent a lot of money to change an airline reservation so I can spend a few extra days in Budapest, a place on my bucket list. This should have been managed months ago, but a mistake was undiscovered until the last minute.

I am pleased that I only thought about doing it for a second or two before I told the travel agent to go ahead! I flashed on two things; first, hearing “you only regret the things you don’t do”. The second was a 30-year-old memory of seeing an unbelievably light cashmere ring shawl during a tour of India. It was so fine, you could pull it through a ring. It cost far more than I was comfortable spending!

An older woman on the trip told me, “If you love it, buy it. You will never have another opportunity.” I took her advice and have been enjoying wearing it for 30 years! I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and help moving past a scarcity barrier in my life.

If your dreams are blocked by mental barriers, one of Dr. Lammer’s powerful processes in “Embrace Prosperity” can help you identify and dissolve them. Use “The Timeline Experiment” in chapter 5. You will be amazed at how quickly you experience your options differently.

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