Goldilocks insisted on getting it right. Not too hard, not too soft, not too hot, not too cold, but just right!

I often wish I could emulate her more often. Sometimes it’s easy to grab something that is familiar, whether it is really right or not. And sometimes I am so overwhelmed by choices that I get confused and either don’t do anything or get something just based on price.

If it’s a bargain, it must be the right choice—right? No, wrong. I have had too much experience discovering that the bargain shirt does not work with anything else I own and simply hangs in the closet until I give it away.

This applies to experiences as well as objects. Is it worth it to upgrade the airline tickets? It depends—on lots of factors. How long is the flight? Does it make the difference between arriving refreshed or exhausted?

You can experience abundance, even with limited resources, when you learn to notice the choices you make and learn to make the distinctions that matter most for you. Do your choices bring you the comfort and satisfaction and joy you deserve?

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