“It’s not the having, it’s the getting.” Found in a Chinese fortune cookie.

So often the emphasis of “get rich now” advertising is just about having the money. It does not talk at all about the life you must lead to “get rich.”

My husband and I once succumbed to this lure. While working as psychotherapists we decided to purchase rental property. Although we hired managers to take care of the rental business, somehow it was taking more and more of our time.

And we (especially my husband) kept needing to do things we did not enjoy, like fixing toilets that were not really broken, in the middle of the night, after the manager quit.

We did increase our wealth, but we were unhappy.

Finally, we were confronted by our wise accountant who suggested that we do the business we loved, psychotherapy, and leave the wealth building to people who loved to manage money. When we found a suitable financial advisor, we were able to relax.

We saved half of everything we earned (after expenses) for taxes and investment. It worked. We are now comfortably and happily retired with more money than we ever imagined.

Use this book help you figure out what is most important to you, so you can be both happy and financially successful too.

This paragraph is a comment I wrote about a passage on Page 59 of Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance (Rapid Relief With Logosynthesis®) You can see the passage in the book. You can also see the excerpt here. This link will take you to Bublish.com, where I regularly publish comments on parts of this book. This is a site where authors share of their work. You can subscribe to my musings, there, as well as to the musings of many other authors. It’s a great place to learn about new books and I recommend that you visit.