Over 60 years ago, early in my marriage, my husband was a graduate student, and I held an entry level job. We had very little money and I shopped carefully and prepared most of our food at home. Now, I have plenty of money and prepared and partially prepared food is readily available and delicious. I often serve it instead of cooking from scratch.

Yesterday, as I reviewed some of my favorite dishes in the prepared food section, I discovered that what I remembered costing $5.99 now cost $8.99. There might have been an intermediate price hike, but somehow this startled me.

I reminded myself that there’s a reason for this inflation. Wages for workers at every step of the process have been increasing. The cost of raw food has also been increasing. No wonder I’m being charged more. It makes perfectly good sense but I’m still shocked. It’s clear that my mind and my emotions don’t match.

This is a case where I’m reacting to an old picture. I know I can be angry about inflation, but I can’t do anything about it. I wanted to let go of the picture in my mind about how things are supposed to be that was causing my distress. I did this by saying the three sentences we teach that resolve the blocks to experiencing abundance.

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