A money coach I know suggests to her followers that they affirm to themselves statements such as I am enough, I have enough, there is enough and we are enough. Although I certainly hope that you believe all those statements, I suspect you don’t.

The problem is that many of us have deeply held memories, beliefs and fantasies that we are not enough and there is not enough and that we will never have enough. These beliefs are based upon experiences that were either explicitly stated in the family you grew up in or conclusions you reached based on your lifetime of experiences.

Just saying you have a new belief isn’t enough to change any of those ingrained problematic beliefs. However, that doesn’t mean that these beliefs can’t be changed. That’s because they are connected to deeply emotional experiences of your acceptance and maybe even your survival.

Psychotherapy used to be one of the few ways we knew to release those old beliefs. Newer methods of energy work can make changing these beliefs faster. Dr. Lammers discovered specific sentences for releasing the energy that holds the old belief in place.

Get your copy of “Embrace Prosperity,” and learn how to use those special words to free yourself from the old limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. We encourage you to experiment a little at a time and learn to use the three sentences to claim the joy and prosperity you deserve.

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