“For me, ultimate freedom is the goal. Money is a nice by-product of that goal. Ultimate freedom means reaching a point in your life where you can do the things you want, with money being a tertiary consideration. It’s third or fourth own your list in terms of the factors considered whenever you make a decision.”

Benson Wong, MoneyFreedomGuy.com

When I read this statement in one of Benson’s newsletters, all I could say was YES! I agree completely. I also agree with him when he urges others to “change your money story.” However, you may have already tried to do that but had a problem following those instructions.

It’s hard to follow instructions to change a story that you put on automatic pilot when you were a child. You can turn the wheel, but each time you let go, it just pops back into the old position. You need to reset the automatic pilot—but how?

Another way of looking at “automatic pilot” is as frozen life energy. When something was uncomfortable or overwhelming, it made sense to freeze that energy to protect yourself.

Logosynthesis, the process we teach in “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance,” uses the power of words to release that frozen energy in just a few minutes.

It’s easy to learn. Get your copy now.

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