What would you decide if you could save over $200 by having a surgical procedure on a deeply meaningful religious holiday?

Of course, it would depend on your financial situation and your personal religious commitment. There is no right answer to this question. But suppose you did not even need to consider the money?

I am grateful that when I needed to make this decision, I immediately said to schedule the procedure at the time that allowed me to participate in the religious observance.

It was not always this way! My parents survived the depression and taught me to be thrifty and save my money for important things, like college. That was useful but could never have enabled me to become financially independent.

In fact, I did not even know what financial independence meant. Do you?

I was severely limited by the well-meaning instructions I dutifully followed. And I might never have even known it if I had not stumbled across a workshop that told me I needed a financial independence account and how to start one.

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