Do you bounce between listening to conflicting internal voices where one tells you that you should be saving more money and another that says it’s OK to indulge yourself? Then, after you’ve “been good” for a while, you splurge, regret it, and the voice telling you to save takes over again. But you can’t really save very much because you’re still paying for your indulgence.

If you wish you could get off that merry-go-round but can’t figure out how, “Embrace Prosperity” can help you shut down both voices and start to follow your own chosen path. It’s easier than you imagine.

It will help if you can figure out where your internal messages came from. Sometimes one parent kept telling the other to quit spending money on fun things, and the other protested. Even that information isn’t necessary.

“Embrace Prosperity” has instructions on how to put a description of each voice into 3 different sentences that may not make much sense to your everyday self. Those sentences help access your essence (your inner wisdom?) Amazingly enough, the process can erase that inner conflict.

I know, it sounds like magic and many people have called the process magical, as they use it to resolve limiting beliefs and make choices that allow them to bring abundance into their lives.

Get a copy for yourself and spend just a few hours changing your life.

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