Written from a beautiful hotel room in Prague.

My husband, Jonathan, and I are enjoying our 60th anniversary trip postponed 2 years because of Covid. So instead, we are celebrating our 62nd anniversary. Today we spent touring the sights of this magnificent city. I am awed that some of the places we visited were built over 1000 years ago.

Tomorrow, we take a more serious tone and visit a notorious concentration camp where thousands of people lost their lives 70 years ago. This is a necessary pilgrimage but followed by a more enjoyable excursion.

The following day we start a weeklong cruise on the Danube River!!! Many adventures await us. When we complete that, we visit Budapest for an additional few days before returning home to Colorado.

It is wonderful to know that we can easily afford this trip. I am not even looking at the prices of all the extras that come with this kind of travel. We have followed the lessons I’ve learned about embracing prosperity and enjoying abundance in our lives and are enjoying the rewards.

I wish you similar joyful experiences! Get your copy of Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance and start practicing abundance in the very first chapter.

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