What does embracing prosperity mean to you?

Tonight, while thinking about some happy memories, I realized that there have been times when I have truly been delighted with a level of prosperity that very little to do with spending a lot of money.

My husband and I enjoy exploring new places and have been able to do so frequently. When we were first married, we enjoyed tent camping. After we had out second child, travel became too complicated, and we were rarely able to get away.

Things changed when we decided we could get a babysitter and travel to a (very simple) hotel on a beach in Mexico. I vividly remember the feeling of sitting on the beach and watching the waiter coming toward us with the beer and shrimp we had ordered. We were both delighted.

In retrospect, this was wholeheartedly embracing our prosperity.

Sometimes embracing prosperity is as simple as enjoying the peace and pleasure of being in my own living room and knowing I have enough of everything I need.

I have also been blessed to have many experiences of feeling the wonder of “Wow, I am really doing this!” I hope you have too.

The “Practicing Abundance” sections of this book will you experience lots more.

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