If a visit to the dentist is stressful for you, keep reading!

My friend and fellow Logosynthesis practitioner Alan Rojas Yacolca, wrote this about using the process I teach in “Letting It Go” to help make things easier.

“Today I am getting a root canal at the dentist and thought of exploring and sharing some quick ideas about how Logosynthesis can make your experience at the dentist calm, safe, and even pleasant.

If you are familiar with the basic protocol, here are some common experiences and triggers at the dentist you can process with Logosynthesis.”

  1. The sound of the dental drill.
  2. The burning/heat sensation of the drilled tooth.
  3. The instruments in your mouth (drill, drain, etc.). To me, it felt invasive.
  4. The smell of the room, or the anesthesia.
  5. The words or facial gestures of the doctor. They may also struggle while they do their job and observing this may be triggering.
  6. The flavor/taste in your mouth while getting an x-ray, getting a dental mold, or even the taste of the glove that touched your mouth.
  7. The presence of other people pacing in the waiting room. The waiting room can be a field filled with stress (that is not yours!).
  8. What you anticipate may happen in the session.
  9. What you heard from others about the dentist experience.
  10. Your past experiences at the dentist.

Which other trigger would you process with Logosynthesis?

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