Is something you learned about money when you were a child making you sabotage your finances today?

One way to check is to think about what you heard about money when your parents were talking to each other or their friends about the subject. Were they worrying about how they were going to pay the bills? Were they arguing about one person spending too much? Were they complaining that they couldn’t get ahead?

What conclusions did you reach when you overheard these conversations? Perhaps that money is scarce. Perhaps that you should not ask for anything? Perhaps that you should spend money quickly before someone else did.

What happened when you asked for money or for something you wanted? Were you told you had to earn it yourself? Did you

get whatever you asked for? Were you told that money does not grow on trees?

All of these things have a lasting impact on you. You might simply make decisions about what your financial life is going to be like based on all the things you experienced about money then.


Once you make those decisions, they become frozen instructions you faithfully follow and never think about again.

The activities in Embrace Prosperity give you a roadmap to examine and change those frozen blocks to experiencing abundance in your life now.

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