Have you ever bought anything from a print catalog, especially one with beautiful pictures and inviting descriptions? Are you as inundated by follow up mailings as I am? And are you, like me, tempted to order things you don’t need when you are offered one incredible bargain after another?

One of my limiting beliefs is that more stuff is good. It’s a leftover from childhood.

I grew up eagerly anticipating the arrival of each Sears Catalog, so I think I am especially susceptible to the promises of what we used to call the “wish book.”

Then, I only had a few things and needed new school clothes each year. Now, my closets and shelves are bursting.

Then my budget was limited by my mom. Now, I can easily afford anything I want.

Then abundance was having enough and perhaps a little extra. Now abundance is measured differently, because my challenge is having enough space, not enough stuff.

Do you share my all-too-common limiting belief? Would your life be enhanced by more stuff or more space?

Enjoying abundance and prosperity means different things to each one of us. In “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance” we have lots of activities to help you figure out just what abundance means to you.

When you take your energy back from all those temptations you are free to focus it where it will create the most joy and satisfaction for you now, wherever you are in your life’s journey.

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