Stress is inevitable and you probably have lots of different ways of managing it during this very, very busy season.
But if you are anything like me, sometimes it makes you want to run and hide. While hiding, it’s a very good idea to think about what is triggering your reaction right now.
Are you imagining being criticized for getting something wrong? If so, by whom? You can use the imagined sound of their voice as the focus of the 3 Logosynthesis sentences. Try it and just feel yourself relax.
Or are you picturing a child’s disappointed face if you can’t afford the perfect toy she has on her wish list? Again, use the image as the focus of the sentences and watch your energy shift.
If you want a copy of the sentences you can photograph and keep with you on your phone, here is a link to the download gift, Quick Start Guide: Using Logosynthesis to Release Anxiety, Stress and Worry at
Please download a copy for yourself today.
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