Do you collect Gazingus pins? Uh? What the heck is a Gazingus pin? I didn’t know either until I listened to a recording by Joe Dominguez that asked that question. It turned out that I definitely did collect them.

Joe, whose work was later published in a wonderful, now classic, book about money, defined a Gazingus pin as something you bought automatically and stuffed into a drawer and left there. Mine turned out to be proof sets of US coins.

These are specially made extra sharp regular coins, sealed in plastic, produced every year by the mint. They are for looking at, not spending. They are supposed to increase in value, but they are so common that the increase is very, very small. Once I started collecting them, I bought them faithfully each time a new set was released.

Joe’s whole point was that becoming conscious about how you use your resources makes a major difference in your long-term prosperity.

What are your Gazingus pins? The world has changed in the years since I heard those recordings. I think today’s Gazingus pins are likely to be found on our monthly charge bills. How many subscriptions do you pay for every month without even thinking about whether you still use them?

When you shift to being conscious about how you use your money, you have more of it to spend on things you truly enjoy. It’s another way for you to “Embrace Prosperity.” Get your copy now.

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