I routinely check mark down racks. It’s not out of a sense of scarcity but, instead, about wondering what abundant gift the universe has for me today. I’m still following my mother’s valuable instructions. She taught me to always check the marked down section when I am shopping. She was a department store buyer and knew that is where the best values might be found.

Yesterday, I discovered an unbelievably cheap toaster oven in a damaged box. It cost less than my husband and I had just spent for lunch. Perfect! I had been bothered by our old, marginally effective appliance for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it.
I like being reminded that the abundance I enjoy does not necessarily cost very much money.

I was reminded again of energy draining value of unsolved problems because I felt an immediate energy boost when I saw it on my counter. A growing edge for me is taking the time to identify and zap the little things that don’t work in my life. Often, they take very few resources to fix.
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