Where are you on your money journey?

Did your parents tell you to save money? Mine did. I was supposed to save for college. In fact, from the time I was about 13, most extra money that I acquired went into my college fund. My spending money came from my allowance.

Once, I got permission to use some of my saving to buy a sewing machine, otherwise, babysitting money, and finally earnings from part time jobs all got saved. I learned a valuable lesson. If you save your money, you can get “big” things.

BUT that was pretty much all I learned from my parents. It wasn’t nearly enough. As a young adult, living with my new husband, we learned how to get the best values; stretching what little money we had. Any extra first went for vacations, and when we had a bit more, my husband wanted to use it for camera equipment.

That finally led to negotiating and sharing extra money: his, hers and our accounts. I saved most of mine, he spent his. When we started our business, our advisor told us to set up a retirement account, so we did. We still had very little idea of anything besides earn and spend.

Classes about using money to create money came much later. Learning to create abundance came even later. Every step was important!

Wherever you are on your journey, “Embrace Prosperity” can help you get ready for your next step. Get started now.

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