Every time I go into my living room, I see a beautiful, hand knotted Tibetan rug. It brings life to an otherwise unremarkable room. I didn’t plan to buy it. It seemed like an extravagant purchase, and I still experience abundance each time I encounter it.

I stumbled across it when we were on vacation. I couldn’t decide whether it truly resonated with me or if I wanted it just because of the merchant’s sales pitch.

We left the shop,continue to explore, and I asked myself the question “Is this a beckon or a hum?” It’s a question I often explore. It helps me decide whether the choice I am considering is right for me.

A beckon is the pull of energy coming from outside myself; the “non-me energy” that is addressed in the second of the three Logosynthesis sentences. It influences me to move away from Essence, the core of my being.

A hum is something that arises from within and guides me toward something that enhances my life and my connection to Essence.

Sometimes it takes time to decide which is which—and cost isn’t relevant. Beckons tend to fade when I get out of their range.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the rug and an hour later we returned and bought it. I’m glad I did.

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