Things just keep changing, whether I want them to or not! My favorite restaurant closes. The special cookies I love are no longer available. My reliable and relied on part time assistant takes a full-time job and can’t work with me anymore.

Part of me wants to stomp my feet and scream that “things shouldn’t change!”

My refrain “things shouldn’t change” is an old belief, left over from childhood when my world seemed much more stable than it does now.  If you had a relatively stable childhood like I did, you might be saying the same thing to yourself.

Whenever I hear myself complaining this way, I find the 3 Logosynthesis® sentences I teach you to use in Letting It Go help a lot. I retrieve my energy from “this belief that things shouldn’t change,” which is the basic trigger.

Often this process will deactivate a belief that never returns, but in these cases, the belief seem to be  specific with each new loss. Beliefs like “this belief that my favorite restaurant will always be there” or “this belief that my assistant will stay forever” are triggers that lead to my distress.

Although I have listed rather trivial changes, yours may be much more intense and significant. The same process will help. Just try it and notice what happens.

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