My mother, who had worked as a department store buyer, taught me to look at marked down items before I looked at those at regular price. It made a lot of sense to do so when I needed to use my resources very carefully. Now it’s a habit that sometimes brings me what I consider gifts from the universe.

Years ago, this practice led me to a very expensive coat. I had intended to spend a certain amount of money to get a new coat. This one was on the sale rack. It was reduced to half-price. However, half-price was roughly twice what I expected to spend.

I loved the coat. It was perfect. I looked at others that were adequate, but I kept coming back to that one. Finally, I decided to just get it.

It turned out to be a great decision. I wore it almost every day for more than 10 winters and enjoyed it thoroughly—until it just wore out. That was one of my first experiences of consciously choosing to experience abundance.

By the time I wrote “Embrace Prosperity,” making choices that allow me to regularly experience a lifestyle that feels good to me was a habit. I want you to enjoy similar experiences. Get your copy now and start practicing today.

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