I confess, I love to find great values on clothes and buy them. And I am very good at it. I have enjoyed using some of my prizes for many years. Yes, it’s like a game.

I learned the game from my mother who was a ladies sportswear buyer for a large New York department store before I was born. I taught it to my children, and my college-age grandson recently proudly told me about how he dresses well on thrift store bargains.

There are downsides to this game. I’ve made mistakes and have given away some things with the sales tags still on them. I currently own many more clothes than I need and it’s much easier to buy more than let go of what I already own. And, like many retired people, I now wear sweats a lot of the time.

Now I need to remember, “it’s great but I have no place to use it” about many things. When I struggled to release the old, no longer useful belief, that “I should get this because it’s such a great value” I used the Logosynthesis sentences to help me let go.

What once useful belief do you need to release? This book shows you how to recognize and release it. Get started now.

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