I confess! I am still attracted to bright shiny objects.

It is hard for me to resist wonderful sounding offers to buy attractive stuff for “fantastic low prices.” I also want to sign up for great offers of vacations to places that, on reflection, are not really something that fits what I like to do most.

Then there are special offers for courses that would make me smarter or give me information I really could use. The problem is that I really don’t have the time or energy to unpack them and do the work involved.

Fortunately, I have learned to usually tell the difference between things I really want and will benefit from and attractive offers of things that are not truly valuable to me. I label the first as hums and the second as beckons.

Often, I put off deciding whether to buy something until I have been doing something else for a while.  Then I come back and see if my perspective has changed.

Sometimes, when I have trouble releasing a beckon, I use the three Logosynthesis sentences to reclaim my energy from the bright shiny object in question.

And sometimes I really do want it, buy it, and enjoy it thoroughly.

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