My husband’s family and my own had very different approaches to finances and so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that we had disagreements about how to use credit. We were surprised anyway because we assumed that we thought alike, and we didn’t. (There’s lots more about relationships, see my Secrets of Happy Relationships series.)

He wanted to buy now and pay later so we could use things while we paid for them. I was adamant that you should save up for something you want and pay in full and clear your credit balance each month.

His approach is based on how our brains actually work. We automatically focus on survival and pleasure in the moment, not in the future. We want to live in the here and now. We’re built that way.

I learned that the “right” thing do was to delay gratification for a long-term reward. It’s not the natural way but needs to be learned. It is one important basis for long-term financial stability.

When you focus on what is most important in your life now you can enjoy abundance in lots of different areas and still learn about making your money work for you. “Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance” shows you how to get started.

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