There is nothing like eating at an all-you-can-eat restaurant to stimulate my FOMO (fear of missing out.) Maybe it has something to do with my table companions who included 4 young men who delight in inhaling huge amounts of food.

Last night I watched as the waitress brought huge trays of sushi to the other end of the table and it disappeared in seconds. I know our tray is coming and there will be ample for me too, but somehow I worry and when it comes, my normal, carefully nurtured eating habits disappear.

I try to eat as much as my body needs, and then stop. Last night though, my eyes took the lead, and I ate because the food looked so appealing and, on some primitive level, I was afraid they would swoop down from the other end of the table and devour our food also.

In short, I was both afraid I wouldn’t get my share and eating more than was comfortable for me because of the overstimulation.  Neither thought process serves me very well, but as we wrote in “Embrace Prosperity,” many people live their financial lives from that perspective.

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