Do old beliefs keep you stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that prevent you from achieving your goals? Limiting beliefs are a form of frozen energy that most of us create for self-preservation when our resources are limited.

Fortunately, the powerful technique called Logosynthesis taught in “Letting It Go” can help you resolve these limiting beliefs. You can learn this simple and effective way to release the frozen energy that’s trapped in those beliefs.

To use Logosynthesis this way, you first need to identify the belief that is holding you back. Then, you can use the process to release the energy that’s trapped in that belief.

The Logosynthesis process involves these simple steps:

  1. Focus on the limiting belief and the physical sensations that it creates in your body.
  2. Insert a simple phrase into the first sentence to release the energy that is trapped in the belief. For example, you might say “I retrieve all of my energy that is trapped in the belief that I am not good enough and take it to the right place in myself.”
  3. Speak the sentence and notice what happens.
  4. Complete the process by using the phase in the two additional Logosynthesis sentences.

Its surprisingly simple to free yourself from the patterns of thought that lead to behavior that has been holding you back.

Remember, limiting beliefs are not facts – they are simply frozen energy that you can release and use for something more positive.

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